You are in the right place if you have ever

Workshops That Work – learning how to inspire people to action every time!

had the following thoughts:

  • I know I could make more money if I ran workshops
  • I know speaking will help me get more clients
  • I know I can help more people by doing workshops
  • I know I can escape the time for money trap by doing workshops
  • I want to move from working with people one-to-one and move to working one-to-many

But then what happens is that the following thoughts and emotions come in…

  1. “They will laugh at me!”
  2. Who’d want to listen to anything I have to say…
  3. I’ve never run a workshop before and have no idea what to do!
  4. I’m not sure I can put my message together well
  5. It’ll take too much time to put together a workshop!
  6. I always put too much in my presentations
  7. I always bore people…
  8. I’m sure everyone knows all this stuff
  9. I have nothing new and exciting to say
  10. I really want to get my message out there, but I’m scared to
  11. “I ran that workshop and no-one paid attention”
  12. I don’t want to lose money on hiring a  room and no-one showing up…
  13. I am afraid to stand up in front of all those people
  14. I really want to share this (whatever ‘this’ is) but I have no idea how…
  15.  I don’t want them to laugh at me…

The circle goes around and around, and before you know it you are back to trying to find one-to-one clients and feeling safe again.


Imagine… being able to speak to a group with COMPLETE confidence

Imagine… being able to put together ANY workshop or presentation outline effortlessly and in less than an hour!

Imagine… being able to help 10, 100, 1000 x more people than you currently do

Imagine… building a raving fan base from your incredible, content-packed workshops that people want to come back to again and again… and can’t wait to tell their friends

Workshops That Work is dedicated to making sure that your presentations, talks, seminars and workshops really (actually?) ‘work’ – we help you to make sure:

  • your brilliance comes out of your head and gets out to your audience
  • you know the formula for putting together powerful engaging content
  • you are confident and skilled at the ‘front of the room’ (even if that’s your home office when running teleseminars or webinars!)
  • you know how to prepare yourself for any event
  • you are easy to learn from

Workshops That Work – learning how to inspire people to action every time!

“It’s a must, it opens you up to your abundant wealth” Jackson, April 2013

ON the day you will:

  • learn which ONE idea to shape into a talk, workshop or seminar
  • focus solely on crafting that one idea into a well structured presentation or workshop that will allow your audience to understand you, engage with your concepts and experience a connection with you and your material
  • Create interactive exercises and intentional discussion to support your learners in really ‘getting’ what you are talking about at a visceral level, and even go and DO something about it
  • Learn how to structure your information for any future workshops or ideas by running it through the ‘4 EASE’ model

It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be dynamic and you will definitely be doing WORK but I promise to take great care of you (we’ll be having a delicious lunch and for those of you who know me, of course there will be Cake!).  There will be a maximum of 12 of you so you will definitely get individual attention and you are guaranteed to get a full draft of your workshop or talk down on the page so you can tinker with it in anticipation of the date that you set (yes!) for delivery whilst in the room!!! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for those who just want to get on with it. Come and Play!

Definitely go along. It is a great day and you get so much more from it – you get coaching, support and a huge dollop of enthusiasm.” Isobel Gatherer, April 2013.